Good Pitch India

Good Pitch India 2020 had 129 entries from all around India. The final films were chosen by eminent Jury members, Beadie Finzi , Director Doc Society, Nicole Van Schaik, Outreach Director Doc Society, Beena Paul , Artistic Director International Film festival of Kerala, and Sophy VSivaraman, Chief Executive Indian Documentary Foundation. After careful consideration of the messages of the films six films were chosen.

Good Pitch India 2020

At Good Pitch India, we connect India’s best social justice films with new allies and partners. It’s an exclusive ‘by invitation-only’ event where a curated audience is brought together and each guest is asked to consider what they can offer to help the projects achieve a deeper and wider social impact. The six chosen films are urgent stories that serve as powerful tools for advocacy and awareness.

Piano Fingers - Directed by Megha Bhaduri
An investigative story of a filmmaker living with Huntington’s disease, in search of medical support.

Coral Woman –Directed by Priya Thuvassery
A need of the hour film about the devastating effects on the sea life and coastal communities due to climate change around Tamil Nadu.

Metamorphosis – Directed by Sankhajit Biswas
An intimate story of a Transwoman’s struggle pre and post transitioning

Dare to Dream - Directed by Ranu Ghosh
An inspiring story of a girl married at 16 who advocates for education in tribal Rajasthan.

Dharavi –Directed by Smriti Mundhra and Jerry Henry
A realistic story of the struggle of two Dharavi boys –who are coming to terms with the limits of their passion amongst the hip hop movement in Dharavi.

Exit – Directed by Sumira Roy
An empathetic story of the life of an elderly couple living with loneliness.

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